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Don't matter how many Kennedys you fuck
You'll always be a Kindergarden Cop
It's the same at the bottom as it is at the top
Put a moron in control and he's sure to corrupt

Sure, we'll give you your freedom back
Sign here in blood on this contract
Now here's your Gap, K-mart and tie rack
Whats your name again? Panama or Iraq?

Everybody knows what happens to an empire
It implodes without fail, more ashes than fire
When the greeds of a few cloud the visions for all
This pyramid of cards is ready to fall

What they want: everything they see
And what they take is from you and me
Underneath Patriot Act
There goes liberty, do you even want it back?

You claim you can see through all the rhetoric
But all Fox News taught you is to be apathetic
Talking headed speeches that are diarrhetic
Cause little concern to Generation Pathetic

Who'd rather dream of getting silicon titties
Move to LA and sing some prefab ditties
Giddy like some douchebag preteen pageant queen
While misreading oneliners from a teleprompter screen

Others ignore it all, they're doing peachy keen
Ironic but safe in the art school scene
Another bloody tampon on a gallery plinth
Spend a minute on a cliche and you're heaven sent


You've got quite the harem, but too many wives
When one steps out of line, then you brandish your knives
But that's the bargain for sleeping around
Feel that same knife in your back as you're rotting underground

I'll put this in words you can understand
You're a caricature of a vague Gods hand
One dance for a thousand lands
Your lip service is quicksand

Too many wives
You brandish your knives
Well that's the bargain for sleeping around
You feel that same knife in yourr back
As you're rotting underground

Guatemala, Congo, Vietnam
Nicaragua, Dominican
Chile, Panama, Grenada
Lybia, Iraq and Iran

'54, '60, '73
'84, '89, 2003
'54, '60, '73
'84, '89, 2003/4/5/6/7/8

Dandi Wind - Apotemnophilia / AdolescentDandi Wind - Apotemnophilia / AdolescentDandi Wind - Apotemnophilia / AdolescentDandi Wind - Apotemnophilia / Adolescent